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   General Goal: The general goal of BJFU is to develop BJFU into an internationally-recognized, competitive, research-oriented university with distinctive academic features by 2020. By the end of 2015, BJFU is expected to reach its goals in
maintaining its leading position in China in BJFU’s advantageous and distinctive academic disciplines
strengthening its position in the international academic community
ranking itself at the top of its domestic counterparts in overall competitiveness
enhancing its facilities and efficiencies to meet the demands of the university’s sustainable development
putting into place relatively sophisticated management and operational mechanisms
establishing the fundamental institution of modern universities, hence paving the way for BJFU to transform into a research university.
   Primary Objectives:
Maintaining its leading position in overall competence among its domestic counterparts
Establishing an international reputation in its advantageous disciplines
Scoring new breakthroughs in lab upgrading, expansion of research facilities, and innovation in management mechanisms
Enhancing overall capacity in offering quality teaching
Promoting the conversion of research findings into productivity
Strengthening social services and international cooperation
Offering better welfare systems for its faculty and staff

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