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Campus Information Service System

   A sophisticated, user-friendly integrated network has been setup upon BJFU campus to cover all the classroom buildings, research facilities and living quarters. Digital service platforms, such as the public database and the digital campus, are providing easy accesses and realtime information retrieval for the faculty and students. The all-in-one card and other major applications systems have not only integrated all the information resources on the campus, but also greatly streamlined the work of the service departments on the campus, much to the benefits of the teachers and students.


1.The high-standard network and central lab
2.The all-covering network on campus

The Information Platform of the Library

   After six decades of development, the collection of the library of BJFU has been increased to over 1.5 million printed books and 743,200 e-books. A 1000mb-network-backed information platform has also been put in place to offer easy and quick services to the readers.


Multimedia reading-room
Self-learning room

The Public Analysis & Testing Center

   BJFU attaches great importance to the management and easy-access to the use of major research equipment and facilities. In 2007, open platforms were established at the college and university level to provide easy access to the pubic to the major equipment/facilities, which noticeably the corresponding efficiencies. As of the end of September of 2011, the registered equipment/facilities of BJFU amounted to 48,500 sets, worth approximately ¥560m in value.