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¡¡¡¡¡¡Following the guidance of the MOE and the Beijing Municipal government, BJFU has consistently highlighted the leading role of the Communist Party in ensuring the correct course of development for the university. Balanced attentions have been given to develop not only the professional competency (under the central theme of Green civilization), but also the moral integrity (under the central theme of socialism ideology) of the students. BJFU has steadily ranked at the top among its counterparts in Beijing in CPC development and ideological education, with a huge stock of honors of various types awarded for its excellent performance in this aspect.

The 10th CPC Congress of BJFU in 2011, in which the development goals and strategies for the next decade was clearly defined.


Beijing municipal award to BJFU for its excellent performance in CPC development and ideological education

Breakthroughs in theoretical researches carried out by BJFU won top municipal award.   


Annual conference themed on corruption prevention


Party members learning together, 2005
The concluding ceremony for the learning program themed on the Science-based Development Approaches, Mar.¨CAug.,2009


BJFU teachers taking part in the CPPCC Conference of Haidian District
Teachers¡¯ Congress in progression; Honorary titles awarded to the Labor Union of BJFU

Publicity & Education

¡¡¡¡¡¡ BJFU launched extensive campaigns to promote the core values of socialism ideology. A series of activities have been carried out among the students and staff to encourage in-depth learning on socialism theories, which has resulted in very favorable settings on the campus that motivate both the faculty and students to strive ahead with the reform and development of the university in concerted efforts.
¡¡¡¡¡¡Innovative approaches that tap the full initiatives of the CPC members and organization at all levels have been adopted by BJFU to facilitate ideological education to the students and teachers. Numerous State-level and municipal level honorary titles and awards have been granted for the breakthroughs in theoretical researches as well as achievements in practices that BJFU have made. 


1.Party members learning the Resolutions made by the 17th CPC Congress
2.Regular learning sessions for BJFU CPC leaders
3.Specialists in national defense delivering reports on National Defense Modernization
4.Report on Reform of China¡¯s Higher Learning Institutes
6.The 1st off-campus educational base set up by the CPC Committee of BJFU
7.The annual summer camps for young teachers of BJFU

8.Multi-level training systems established in BJFU, with over 60,000 teachers/students graduated from the training programs.
9.Growth in the number of party members

Student Work

¡¡¡¡¡¡A comprehensive system that features 9 specific projects and 5 innovative approaches has been established in BJFU to enhance the overall capacity of the university in the education of people. The systematic mechanism, which bears not only the distinctive features of BJFU but also caters to the demands of the age and expectations of the youth, has made it possible for the university to embed moral education into all-aspects and all-times of the students¡¯ lives. Thanks to all these efforts, BJFU has been awarded with a long listed of honorary titles and prizes.


1.Welcome ceremony for the freshmen
2.Releasing ceremony for Students¡¯ Behavior Codes


3.Training program for student consultants
4.Reports on the promotion of socialism core values
Voluntary Services



1.The launching ceremony of the Volunteers¡¯ Union
2.BJFU team passing by the Tian¡¯anmen Tower, the parades for the 60th anniversary for the founding of China
3.BJFU volunteers at the Olympic venues in 2008
4.BJFU volunteers played active roles in helping the kids of migratory workers. The picture shows Mr. Lu Hao, 1st Secretary of the CPC Central Secretariat, and BJFU volunteers playing games with the kids.

5.Volunteer teachers from the Graduate School of BJFU teaching in Yijinhuoluo Banner of Inner Mongolia.
6.BJFU Youth League awarded an honorary title for its achievements in the Volunteer Services Initiative in Western China   
7.Green Life Campaign initiated by BJFU students, having been going on for 28 years in succession.



8.Green Ambassadors and volunteers taking part in tree planting during the Green Bridge Festival
9.Volunteer Service Award, presented to BJFU for the series activities it organized during the Green Bridge Festival
10.The Green Long March
11.BJFU awarded for 18 successive years for its achievements in social practices
12. The Mother River Award, presented to the Green Long March initiated by BJFU     


10.May 4th Red-banner Award, presented to the Youth League of BJFU
13.China Baosteel Environmental Award presented to the Youth League of BJFU