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BJFU has witnessed over the past decade a booming in its scientific researches and remarkable boost in its capacity for technological innovations, as shown by the rich research outputs it has reaped. In the decade between 2002—2011, the total input of the university for researches reached RMB 860 m, which in turn has earned BJFU 15 grand State-level awards and much higher visibility for the academic papers written by its faculty in the retrieval returns of the 3 most authoritative citation indexes.


National Prize for Science/Technology Progress (Grade II): 12

National Prize for Science/Technology Progress (Grade II): 3


Industry-Academia-Research Integration Bases

   Thanks to the importance attached by BJFU to industry-academia-research integration, numerous fieldwork bases have been established throughout the country to promote speedy conversion of research findings into productivities. A few examples of these bases are: the experimental, demonstrative and promotional base for new forestry technologies in northern China, the comprehensive fieldwork base in the forest regions in southern China (located in Sanming city, Fujian province), the demonstrative site for the development and industrialization of fine quality floral seeds, the innovation and conversion base for technologies applicable to woody materials, the demonstrative site for quality seeds applicable to afforestation projects on the plains in northern China, and the base for economic forests (Chinese dates) breeding and planting.   


1.The Comprehensive Fieldwork Base in the Forest Regions in Southern China (Sanming city, Fujian province)
2.The Innovation & Conversion Base for Wood Material Technologies    


3.The launching ceremony of the Economic Forests Breeeding & Planting Base

Social Services

   BJFU has consistently held a policy to provide technological supports/services to the ecological improvement programs and overall social economic development of local regions, and has made impressive contributions in these aspects. Experts and teachers from BJFU have been actively involved, through offering technical expertise and consultations, in many critical programs and policy-decisions concerning the ecological security and resources strategies of the country, including but not limited to the following: the compilation of China’s strategic plan for forestry development, the eco-restoration programs in the wake of the devastating snow disaster in southern China and the earthquake in Wenchuan, the germplasm resources survey, assessment on the comprehensive value of forest eco-systems, and so on. 


1.BJFU experts briefing SFA authorities on the forestry reconstruction plans in the wake of the snow disaster that broke out in southern China.
2.Experts in fieldwork for germplasm survey


3.experts taking part in the forest eco-system evaluation program for Jiangxi province
4.Environmental improvement project designed by BJFU for the China Millennium Monument

   For 16 consecutive years, BJFU has been appointed as the implementer of the environmental lift projects for Zhongnanhai. Over 600 landscape designing and greening projects have been completed, including environment designing for the China Millennium Monument, Xianhu Botanic Garden in Shenzhen, the Olympic venues and etc.