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BJFU has consistently oriented its teaching curriculum to the needs of the country and of the forestry sector through updating and optimizing the programs it offers regularly and timely. Started as a specialized college with only 1 undergraduate program and 2 non-degree programs, BJFU has developed itself into a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university that consists of 14 schools/department and a College for Long-long Education, offering a curriculum of remarkable breadth and depth to undergraduate students enrolled to 57 different programs.
Thanks to the unwavering stress on providing quality education and the dedicated efforts for reform and innovation, BJFU was honored for its excellent performance in undergraduate student teaching during the nationwide university appraisal initiated by the MOE in 2005. BJFU has also, since 1997, launched 2 experimental initiatives that are aimed to develop an optimal model for balancing the needs of popular education and elite education. Under the State-level Science (Biology) Base Initiative and Liangxin Experimental Classes Initiative, a series of bold measures have been taken to select promising young students for intensive training so as to develop them into well-rounded and highly competent would-be scientists that will play leading roles in the future development of forestry and ecological environment.
The schools, colleges and departments are: Academy of Forestry, School of Soil and Water Conservation, College of Biological Sciences and Technology, College of Landscape Architecture, Colleges of Economics and Management, School of Technology, College of Materials Science and Technology, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, School of Foreign Languages, School of Information Science and Technology; Faculty of Science, College of Nature Conservation; College of Environmental Science and Engineering; and the Department of Physical Education.

Teaching Team

 5 State-level teaching teams


Forest Management
Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control


Plant Physiology
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

State-level Distinctive Programs


1.Landscape Architecture
2.Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control


3.Environmental Science
4. Machine Design, Producing and Automation


5.Forest Chemical Industry


7.Wood Science & Engineering
8.Agro-forestry Economics and Management  


9.Biological Sciences
10.Wildlife & Nature Reserve Management


12. Landscape Architecture

Innovative Talent Development System

Quality Control System

Central Control

Innovative Models for Talent Development: State-level Science (Biology) Base Initiative; Liangxi Experimental Classes Initiative



1. Opening ceremony of Liangxi Experimental Classes Initiative, 2007.
2.Liangxi Experimental Classes Initiative acknowledged as a state-level innovative model for selecting promising young talents.
3.State-level Science (Biology) Base Initiative, implemented since 1997.
4.Students participating in training programs for independent, innovative research work.

Practice-oriented Teaching

Fieldwork Bases


1. Over 120 fieldwork bases have been set up throughout the country
2.Badaling Forest Farm
3.Jiufeng Forest Farm


4.Taizishan Fieldwork Base     
5.Xiaolongshan Forest Farm
6. Fieldwork Base in Beijing Botanic Garden, jointly developed by BJFU and Beijing municipal government

Demonstrative Experimental Centers

1.Economics & Management Experimental Center


2.Experimental Center of Computer Science
3.Experimental Center of Forestry Equipment & Technology


4.Lab of Wood Science
5.Biology Experimental Center

Honors & Awards

BJFUs stress on offering quality education to students has paid off, as proven by the rich achievements and honors it has been awarded. Over the past years, BJFU has received 8 State-level grand awards (Grade I: 3; Grade II: 4; Excellent: 1) and over 30 provincial/ministerial awards (Grade I: 9; Grade II: 20; Excellent: 1) for the achievements it has made in teaching.

Award Certificates




Textbooks and monographs written by BJFU faculty members