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BJFU started to enroll graduate students in 1955 and was granted rights for conferring master and doctorate degrees in 1982. Following the establishment of the Graduate School in 2000, a series of measures have been taken to reform the student development systems. As a result, a research-centered tutoring mechanism has been put in place, together with a more fair and reasonable financial aid system that encourages innovative academic explorations among the students. The composition of the graduate students has also been restructured to better balance the development of academic-centered programs and profession-oriented programs. At present, BJFU has 9 First Category doctorate schemes, 27 First Category masters schemes covering academic disciplines 39 Second Category doctoral programs and 116 Second Category masters, as well as 18 professional masters degree programs. The Secretariat of the National Education Guiding Committee for Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Forestry are both affiliated to BJFU. The implementation of the Innovation Platform for Prioritized Academic Disciplines and the Higher Education Reinvigoration Project 211 has also significantly contributed to the overall improvement of education quality. The graduation dissertation of 5 doctorate students were listed among the Top 100 Best Doctorate Dissertations of China, and 5 others were nominated. Moreover, 4 other students were honored by Beijing municipal government for their outstanding doctorate dissertations, and 132 top IFLA honors/awards have also been granted to BJFU graduate students. The employment rate of BJFU graduate students upon graduation has remained steadily above 95%. Currently, the number of full-time graduate students and part-time profession-oriented graduate students stands at 4,100 and 1,700 respectively.

Accredited Degree Conferring Disciplines

Professional degrees

Over 8,700 graduates have been conferred their respective degrees..

Innovations in Teaching


Secretariat of the National Education Guiding Committee for Master of Landscape Architecture; Secretariat of the National Education Guiding Committee for Master of Forestry


BJFU is the leading institute for the Coordinating Committee of the Agro-forestry Education Institutes in Northern China


BJFU listed by Beijing government as a base for Industry-Academia-Research Integration

National academic forum for doctorate students



Project Appraisal --- Science/Technology Innovation Projects for Graduate Students

Instrumental Analysis II --- Science/Technology Innovation Projects for Graduate Students



Quality Control & Service Systems


1.Seminar on graduate student education
2.Annual training workshop for graduate supervision


3.Supervisor selection meeting organized by the Academic Committee
4.Academician Professor Meng Zhaozheng in discussion with graduate students


Five papers listed among the Top 100 Best Doctorate Dissertations of China; Four papers listed among the Top Doctorate Dissertations of Beijing



1.Certificate awarded by the State Copyright Administration for the Management System that BJFU has developed independently.
2.Publications funded by BJFUs Doctorate Dissertation Funding Project                                   
3.Course-books developed by BJFU
4.BJFU honored for its good performance in graduate education